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yes Keep the stock drivability and engine safety on the street.
yes added Power bonus of Rally and Race performance without the need for an aftermarket ecu.

yesDirectly edit stock computer Air/Fuel Ratio, Ignition Timing Advance, Increase/Decrease Speed or RPM Limiters, Remove boost cut limiters, Run Diagnostic Datalogging, Read Check Engine Light Codes and much more.
yesRun up to 800Hp+ and beyond with the stock ECU and an EvoScan USB cable for tuning.

All modern vehicles from 1989 onwards are run by internal computers called Electronic Computer Units (ECUs). These vehicles have an OBD (OnBoard Diagnostic) data link connector under the drivers steering wheel which allows you to connect a USB Cable to your EvoScan Software & Laptop or to your EvoDroid7 EvoScan Standalone Dash Display Unit. This allows you to find and analyse intermittent engine issues, or modify your factory Stock ECU to perform better than aftermarket ECU upgrades.

"You are offering the software for 25 bucks when others charge hundreds. I have looked at the software and thats like the freegin deal of the century. I work for Worldspeed Motorsports, we are the west coast dealer for Pro Formula Mazda, Motec and many other things. I have also tuned with DSM link, motec etc. and basicly your selling something between dsm link and motec, for way less than $1500 (like the autronic or aem systems)," -Patrick.

"WOW you answer my email so fast!!!!! impresive!! thank you i love evoscan!!!" -Antonio.

"Your product is the 1st working scantool! I tried an ELM cable before, it was useless and slow.
EvoScan is logging a lot of important things. Keep on doing the GOOD work," -Wijnand.

"I've been using EvoScan for more than a year now and its the best tuning tool ever. I'm not a tuner and yet tuned my Evo to 330whp and 327tq on 93 oct using your usb cable product combined with EcuFlash and a Wideband sensor." -Felo.

"EvoScan is an awesome program I would be lost without it. Thank you," -Andy.

"We tune my buddies Evo using ECUflash and Evoscan. Together, the setup easily compares to DSMLINK, except I actually PREFER EvoScan to the Link logging. It's an amazing program! I am pretty sure when we look back at the excel file that saves automatically after a run, the data goes up by ~ 50-100rpm increments, it's very precise!" - Kraka

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EvoScan: Worlds fastest vehicle datalogger - up to 700 samples per second*
*highest speeds are using RAX mod for 2006+ Mitsubishi EvoX using the CAN KWP2000/SAE/ISO standard, standard logging speeds of 100 or 190 sample per second for MUTII/MUTIII.

EvoScan Works with ALL Windows Versions.

- including WindowsXP, WindowsVista, Windows7, Windows 8 and 8.1 = YES

- Windows 10 = YES

- including Windows 32bit and 64bit = YES.


EvoScan v2.7 Software

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 Compatible!

• Display and record engine
data onto your PC at the highest
speeds ever seen. HighSpeed Datalogging - 200 data items per second!

• If your car has faulty sensors, and is displaying a Check Engine Light (CEL) on your dashboard, you can use EvoScan to read and identify Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) You will be able to Read and Clear DTCs for heaps of protocols such as EvoX, SST, ABS, AYC, ACD, SSMII, OBDII, EVOX CAN, OBDII

• Record and Display air/fuel ratios and engine timing values on the colourful Map Tracer Graph with pin point precision.

• You can easily customise the gauges and layout to suit your own style and preferences.
Make your own awesome
gauges using the easy
built-in gauge designer.

• Chart your vehicle data in
real time or slice and dice
the logs afterwards.

• Enable preset Alarms such
as Knock Sum, Oil Pressure,
Water Temp or Boost.
Alternatively you can create a
custom alarm/s with your own
wav sound files. Composition
thresholds can also be used to
set off an alarm. This can save you thousands of dollars in expensive engine rebuilds.

• Supports all the lastest computers, including Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit and still supports the older Windows 2000 / XP / Vista.

• You can compare data logs from a good day to a bad day to easily pin-point any faulty sensor/s.

• Use EvoScan USB cables and Software to Upload new ignition timing and fuel settings to your vehicle ecu.

• EvoScan Software license gives you unlimited number of vehicles and unlimited installed computers.

• Software license is per person, not per laptop, and not per vehicle.

• Run your aftermarket Race parts such as Wideband Oxygen Sensors, EGT, Oil, Boost sensors via EvoScan within the same Excel log of your stock ECU data.

• Run your stock ecu with a MAP sensor, instead of the restrictive MAF Airflow sensor.

• Superfast Datalogging speeds. "Up to 200samples per second"

• 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the software and cable does not work for your vehicle for any reason, send the cable back within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

• Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades for new Versions of EvoScan, and you can assured of the latest and a wider range of vehicles to be supported.

Click here now for an instant download for EvoScan v2.7.0090

EvoScan USB Cables

• 1 Year Warranty on all cables, log a support call to receive a ticket# before returning any faulty products, we will give you helpful tips to resolve the problem, if this does not assist in a resolution, then you can return the product to us to be fixed or a replacement will be provided.

• All products will be posted within 7 days of your order, and the delivery date will depend on the shipping option you have selected. If the cable does not arrive within 4 weeks of ordering, please send us a support ticket, and we will track it down for you. If you are worried about the cable arriving on standard parcel post, ensure you select EMS or DHL Express Track and Trace.

• 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the software and cable does not work for your vehicle for any reason, send the cable back within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs).











Speedometer kph mph
EvoScan OBDII Datalogger


EvoDroid7 Android 7" Display Screen

Evodroid7 Standalone Dash Display for Street and Track.

"Wow I don't even need any of my other gauges cluttering up my A-pillar now, this unit logs awesomely fast and looks great with the numerous custom gauges."

• Includes Boost Gauge !!!
• Includes 320kmh/mph SPEEDO !!

"Perfect for Racing, now I can monitor my Boost, Knock, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, all from one unit! This is by far the best money I have ever spent on my Evo."

"Your regular updates for this unit is awesome, I always look forward to the new features with each new update."

"I love the new Peak Hold feature, being able to reset the peak hold values at a click of the screen is awesome too!"


"I loved that I was able to see how much knock I was getting, what my max coolant temp and boost pressure was all with a glance."

"Very happy with how the EvoScan performed at the track today, VERY happy."

Supported vehicles:
• All 1994-2009 Mitsubishi (16pin connector MUTII/MUTIII)
• 2008-2010 Mitsubishi EvoX *NEW* (supports mode23 also)
• Subaru 1999-2007 SSMII (16pin connector)

• 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

• Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades for new Versions of EvoScan, and you can assured of the latest and a wider range of vehicles to be supported.

• Alarms triggered on the settings you choose. "The knock warning alarm is one of the best features, I no longer need a knock link box."

• Read and Clear DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code Check Engine Lights) whilst driving.
• Evoscan datalogging to a csv log file on the sdcard.

• Auto start display gauges on connection.

• Read and Write your reflash roms direct from the SDCard to your Evo7/8/9 vehicle ecu, no more lugging your laptop out to your car to reflash the vehicle, just carry the small sd card instead.

• OPTIONAL - OBD-II 1.8m right angle extension cable *NEW*

• Mini-USB 1.8m right angle extension cable *NEW*

• Design and Build your own gauges using the template skin system.

• Now comes with GTR Style Gauges and latest gauges above *NEW*

• Can connect, datalog and record Wideband Oxygen sensors such as Innovate LC1, Zeitronix ZT2, and AEM UEGO.

• Works great with auxiliary sensors such as EGT/BOOST/OIL PRESS/OIL TEMP via inbuilt 3x 0-5v sensor inputs.

Figure 1. EvoScan Live Tuning MapTracer v2.9:

EvoScan v2.9 Live Realtime Virtual Road Dyno... Shows power and Torque in realtime when you put your foot on the accelerator >80%



EvoScan Supported Vehicles:

USA / EUROPE / JAPAN Mitsubishi and Subaru Vehicles.

ALL Mitsubishi Vehicles with a 16pin OBDII connector, all Mitsubishis from 1994 onwards have one of these.

ALL Mitsubishi Vehicles with a 12pin connector, all Mitsubishis from 1989 - 1994 have one of these.

1994-2013 Mitsubishi

1989-2008 Subaru

1989-1994 Mitsubishi
US Domestic Market (USDM) yes US Domestic Market (USDM) yes US Domestic Market (USDM) yes
South American
Domestic Market (ADM)
yes Australian
South American
Domestic Market (ADM)
yes Australian
South American
Domestic Market (ADM)
European Domestic Market (EDM)
yes European Domestic Market (EDM)
yes European Domestic Market (EDM)
Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
(includes New Zealand)
yes Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
(includes New Zealand)
yes Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
(includes New Zealand)
Lancer Evolution 4 yes Impreza yes 3000GT / GTO* yes
Lancer Evolution 5 / 6
yes Legacy yes 1994/1995 Eclipse / DSM*
Lancer Evolution 6.5 TME yes WRX / STI yes Eclipse / GS / 16v / GS-T / GSX * yes
Lancer Evolution 7 / 8
yes Outback yes * Includes Hybrid
Lancer Evolution 9 yes Justy yes Lancer GTI 16v yes
Lancer Evolution X MR
yes SVX yes Dodge Stealth yes
Lancer Evolution X GSR yes yes Galant VR-4 yes
GSR / RS / GTA / FQ / MR / RA
yes Baja yes Plymouth Laser / RS / RS Turbo
Lancer DE / ES / LS / GTS
yes Forester yes Summit yes
Legnum yes XT, Loyale, GL, GT, DL yes Mirage / Mirage CSM yes
Lancer OZ-Rally
yes S/GT, S/GT Auto, RX yes Colt yes
Lancer Sportback / LS / RA
GTS / Ralliart
yes yes Eagle Talon / DL / ES / TSi
Lancer Ralliart yes yes
yes H6, STB, RS, GX yes Evo 1 / 2 / 3
Galant DE / ES / Ralliart
Galant SE / GTS / GTZ / LS
yes Outback / Outback XT yes

VR4 yes B4, MY99, S/GT, RSK yes

Colt yes Type RA, Type UK

Outlander ES / SE / LS / XLS
yes GLS, XT, Spec C yes
Mirage DE / LS / 2dr & 4dr
yes S401, H6 VDC, WRP10 yes
3000GT yes Tribeca yes
Pajero/Shogun yes
Diamante ES / LS / VR-X
Montero / XLS / Limited
Montero Sport ES / LS / Ltd yes
Magna yes
Expo yes
Verada yes
Delica yes
Spacegear / SpaceWagon /
SpaceStar / SpaceRunner
Dodge Stratus yes
Eclipse GT / RS / GS / GS SE
Eclipse Spyder GS / GT yes
Grandis yes
Carisma yes
L200/L400* only works on
particular Mitsubishi
Diesel Vehicles
Raider 2WD LS / LS / DuraC yes
Endeavor LS / SE / XLS / Ltd yes
Chariot / Space Wagon / Nimbus
/ Expo / Dodge/Plymouth Colt
Vista Wagon / Kia Carstar /
2001 Mitsubishi Challenger 3000 (AU)

Supported Mitsubishi Engine Models:

1.6L 4G18
2.0L DOHC (4G63)
2.0L DOHC MIVEC (4B11)
2.0L DOHC MIVEC (4G63)
2.0L DOHC Turbo (4G63)
2.0L SOHC (4G64)
2.0L SOHC (4G94)
2.4L (4G64)
2.4L DOHC MIVEC (4B12)
2.4L SOHC (4G64)
2.4L SOHC (4G69)
2.4L SOHC MIVEC (4G69)
3.0L (6G72)
3.0L MIVEC (6B31)
3.0L SOHC (6G72)
3.5L SOHC (6G74)
3.5L SOHC (6G74) (MMAL)
3.7L SOHC (EKG) (Chrysler)
3.8L SOHC (6G75)
3.8L SOHC MIVEC (6G75)
4.7L SOHC (EVA) (DCX) Cal
4.7L SOHC (EVD) (DCX) Fed

Supports all the other OBDII and Subaru vehicles too of course.

Using the cars OBDII connector, EvoScan quickly and easily connects to

your cars ECU displaying and recording engine data onto your PC.

With EvoScan You can modify your factory stock tune
to enhance performance and fuel economy.

Why do Professional Tuners love EvoScan?
- Map tracer, map editor, Ecu map flash updater, all on one easy and fast to use screen.
- DYNO RUN / LOG / MAKE TUNING CHANGE / UPDATE VEHICLE ECU, all on one fast and easy to use EvoScan MapTracer screen.

- Instant reading of Flashing Check Engine lights (aka Diagnostic Trouble Codes, CELs or DTCs)

- Power and Torque graphs based on 50-120km/h 3rd gear runs, you can self tune, and compare different runs after your ecu changes.

- Track closely the condition of your car sensors, and when things go wrong compare a good day to a bad day of sensor information, then you can pin point the problem of any electronic system in your vehicle.

Currently supported vehicles are all Mitsubishs and Subarus from 1989 onwards, Including EvoX,

and all vehicles with a 16pin OBDII connector, or 12pin connector. Check your vehicle Here.

All new CAN Bus and OBD-II vehicles are also supported. OBDII is the logging standard that car manufacturers used between 1996 and 2008, CANBus is the new diagnostic system that car manufacturers started using from 2008 to Current. Special diagnostics systems used prior to 1996 for Subaru and Mitsubishi are also supported by EvoScan.


Using the sound and screen alerting features of EvoScan can instantly alert you to faulty sensor/s, tune your vehicle for the highest grade octane fuel available in your country. With Turbo Cars you're especially concerned with Detonation Knock Counts, Temperatures, and Air/Fuel ratios, which when monited can potentially save your engine from costly repairs.


Utilising one of our Data Logging Cables, EvoScan Data Logger instantly displays and records hundreds of sensors.

Supports all Mitsubishi MUT-II/MUT-III, CANBus, OBD-II and Subaru SSM Protocol and Nissan Consult datalogging protocol Models. Note: Only US DSMs/Eclipse and US EVO8/9 support the universal standard OBDII datalogging tools. For japanese imports, other standard ISO9141 OBDII dataloggers will not work. EvoScan is what you need, because it uses the MUT-III factory dealership protocols. EvoScan still works with those US Models, although better and faster than the universal standard OBDII datalogging tools, since the Mitsubishi MUT-II/MUT-III Protocol runs 50% faster than ISO9141-2! By changing a setting in your ecu, you can make the datalogging run 400% faster than ISO9141-2! I am working on supporting more than just Mitsubishi Vehicles, it will become compatable with Subarus, and all other Vehicles, and will work with Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and Emissions testing protocols.

International Shipping to anywhere in the world.

Customer Review: 2012-02-09 Zeekas
to be honest.. all my friends really like evoscan and you really did very good job...keep it up hamish...and if you can try to let evoscan at least diagnose the other vehicles outside evo and are the best between all the diagnostic tools...thank for your support.. and so great idea and so very great product

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