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EvoScan 1.3R USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

EvoScan 1.3R USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable

High quality and high performance 16pin+12pin datalogger/reflash cable, capable of extreme high speeds. Perfect for EvoScan (Subaru SSMII, Mitsubishi MUTII, OBDII), EcuFlash, OBDII software.

Price: $97.00



Supports 1994-2007 Mitsubishi vehicles for EFI, ABS, AYC, ACD
Supports 2000-2006 Subaru vehicles for EFI




• Plug in the 1.3U cable to the laptop

• Open windows start menu, in the search Type “device manager” and open it

• Scroll down to the end under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” expand it out.

• Right Click the OpenPort 1.3U and select “Uninstall”, tick “delete drivers”, and press OK

• UNPLUG the usb cable.

• unzip the file above. and open the folder openport 1.3u

• double click “DPInst” and install the drivers, wait till that’s finished.

• now wait another 10 seconds, and then plug in the USB cable.

• now wait another 60 seconds, and then open EvoScan, and plug it to the car and try it out  check that Battery Voltage reads around 12volts, and the throttle sensor reads.

• now open the Reflash menu inside EvoScan, and plug into the car and make sure you can read the ROM, and now open ecuflash, open the ROM file, and browse the Fuel table using ecuflash, check it looks good.


You can use this cable with EvoScan for Reflashing/Reprogramming Evo7/8/9 roms. Click the reflash menu in evoscan.

This cable is just like the OpenPort 1.3U cable but without the embedded serial code needed to work with EcuFlash.

You can use this cable for EvoScan datalogging all Mitsubishi Vehicles up to 2006.

Read ROM using evoscan then edit using ecuflash, then Write ROM using evoscan again

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