Ceton Echo and Media Centre 7

MCE 7 Reset Toolbox. V 3.9.7


*Note. It is a requirement that Patchou’s Media Center Themer be installed to use the MCE 7 Media Center Themer and certain features of the MCE 7 customizer. PLEASE INSTALL PATCHOU’S MEDIA CENTER THEMER BEFORE INSTALLING MCE 7 RESET TOOLBOX*

You can download Patchou’s Media Center Themer here: http://www.patchou.com/projects/media-center-themer/

If you decide to use the MCE 7 Media Center Themer, here’s some themes to get you started: http://vistademon.wordpress.com/mce-7-themes

UAC Must be enabled. If you are running as admin prompts can be disabled, standard users will recieve only the one prompt on launch.

*If standard user and UAC is off the application will not run*




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Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass for Android

Smartglass just released in October 2012 updated in Nov 2012, now you can control your satellite tv, cable tv, dvb-t, dvb-s, 1080p, any format of movies, recorded tv, live tv, music, photos, all from your Android tablet or phone controlling your home theatre media centre system on your lounge tv, and any tv in your house…. Wow. These guys at Microsoft I would say are now the world leaders in home theatre. Using it is a breeze, but pity there’s only handful of people that know how to install it all. Even your phone a geek friend will have his/her work cut out for em.

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2013 Home Theatre Setup

Well 2012 was a great year for home theatre… DVB(digital video broadcast) took a major foothold around the world in 2012.

The Best Home Theatre products of 2012:

Microsoft Media Centre7, Xbox360, MyMovies, DVBLink, AirVideo, TBS DVB, LG 3DTV, HDMI, BluRay, Cable and Satellite HD TV still remains the top technology.

The Failed products of 2012:

boxee, plex, xbmc, roku, netflix.

The FUTURE of Home Theatre:

2013 will be amazing for home theatre, the best products in the world are coming:

Microsoft Media Centre 8 (Windows8) = HERE NOW
Ceton Echo Windows Media Center Extender (supports 5 rooms in the house)
pre-orders are live, ship November 30th for $179


Broadband and Netflix has a long way to catch up if they are ever want to replace HD DVB, Netflix range of content is really bad – it’s like walking into a movie store and there’s only 20 dvds on the shelf, you would just turn around and walk out right? Stick with Cable TV and Satellite TV. It will take Hollywood 100 more years to realize this thing called “Internet” and start selling online.


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LimitlessLED – The World’s First Affordable Wireless Light Bulb

2.4Ghz LimitlessLED wireless light bulbs now available (brighter than standard 60W bulbs that are 800Lumens) for $18.50 as a special perk on www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled

Online retail price for the home user is USD28.50 per 7.5W LimitlessLED smartbulb equiv. to 820Lumens.


Earlybirds can take advantage of the release of this new technology on http://www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled. Special pre-release perks are available if purchasing quantities of four or more bulbs at USD18.50 each, plus remotes and shipping.

An affordable base station is now available that allows your iPhone, Android, or Work PC to securely control all the lights in your home via WiFi and Internet. Each base station only costs USD37, and has a range of 65ft (20 meters). At just the size of your palm, the base station is very compact making it easy to plug into a power socket and tuck away out of sight, typically next to the cordless phone’s base station or home WiFi router.

The more powerful new Android MiniPC base station is also palmed sized. This enables smart home automation features such as scheduling light events and using sensors to control the LimitlessLED light bulbs. The Android base stations are available as an exclusive special pre-order perk on http://www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled for USD117 when purchased with a pack of wireless smartbulbs.

For distribution enquiries and bulk discount pricing please contact sales(at)limitlessled(dot)com

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Users Will Spend About 41¢ Each Year Charging the iPhone 5

Perhaps it’s time to install an android mediaPC instead of the xbox360′s

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$16.80USD Limitless DIN Rail Android and iPhone Smart Meters

Every blue smart meter can read kWH, log kWh, log and view Volts and Current.
$16.80USD each Limitless Android/iPhone Smart Meter.

Purchase Enquiries to sales@limitlessled.com

You can daisy chain them all up and read them on the network or Limitless Android Base Station.

A world first… smart metered individual circuits in a Residential Home.

You’ll be able to know exactly how much power is used in each room of the house (aka every power circuit) every second. Even when the power goes off these things will still keep datalogging, because they each contain a rechargeable battery, and electronics.




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Venstar Thermostats


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Best TV in the world – LG OLED TV The Ultimate Display


LG Launch 55 inch OLED TV in Europe at Monaco GP

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Bluetooth Smart Watches







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Electric Imp WiFi boards

These look quite cool if you are designing some new electronic products. But very expensive yearly cost.

As well as buying the $20 or $25 development test board below,
you have to buy the WiFi stick that slots into the sdcard slot.
$15 for10k units
$20 for1k units
$25 for1 pc.

$50 subscription per year to use them = FAIL
They only operate when connected to the internet fulltime = FAIL.


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