Home Automation Lighting Systems – What you need

You need some microcontrolled switches,  some microcontrolled relays and microcontrolled dimmers (they go near the circuit breaker panel) , some low voltage (12v/24v/35v) power modules to power the microcontrollers inside the switches and  leds, in the switches,  and to give a little bit of power for switching the relays and dimmers  on/off.  You need the TPS Electrical wire (125v-240v AC) to go from the light fittings back to the computer controlled relays/dimmers.   You will also need some RS485 (see above for defn)  wire for multi-drop chaining the switches. 

What does a micrcontrolled dimmer look like:

What do microcontrolled switches look like:
$230NZD  and  $235NZD

Vantage Infusion Controller $2265NZD


PIR people sensors (dog/cat immune):
Log a support call if you want to buy some: they are $32USD each. www.evoscan.com/support


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