Phillips SRP1507/27 Universal Remote Control

Customer Review: I honestly recommend this over the Harmonys and Home Theater Master super-remotes.

Programmable remote for 7 devices!!! And only $9!!!

Customer Review:
Before I begin my review I’d like to list my devices that this remote control operates.

1. Insignia 50″ plasma tv
2. Insignia Blu-Ray player (NS-WBRDVD)
3. Sony STR-DN1000 A/V reciever
4. Xbox 360 ( remote code is “1611″)
5. HP laptop(very basic controls)

After purchasing the 2 Insignia products I was in remote control hell! Nothing seemed to be compatible with their devices. I was literally fumbling between 3 controllers, a game controller, and sometimes a mouse I before I found this little gem.
I contacted Insignia about a remote they recommend to control their devices I was told that I would have to buy a logitech harmony……….Kinda defeated the purpose of buying a cheaper brand to begin with right?

I succumbed to the idea of buying an expensive remote decided I’d swing by wally-world since they carried a $40 logitech remote. Right next to the harmony I saw this Philips. Out of curiosity I compared the buttons between this one and the logitech and everything was identical. The only difference was that the harmony could control 4 devices and the philips could control 7. Obviously logitech has an extraordinary device library to program their remotes but after examining the package I quickly learned that this was a programmable remote. I abandoned my reservations and decided to try this out.

Lucky me!
My only complaints are that the back light only lights up a few of the buttons and the direction/enter buttons make “click” noises.
I have to tip my hat to the folks at philips. You guys made a beautiful remote that packs knock out punching power and costs less than the replacement battery for a high end remote!

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