15W-20W-25W CFL Energy Saver Light with Movement Sensor Tip

Creweal SmartLIGHT Energy Saver Sensor Light c/w Movement Sensor on tip – E27

Weihai Creweal Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in the coastal city Weihai, which is known as one of China’s renowned garden cities and awarded the Best Practices for Improving Living Environment by the United Nations. Our company engages in the development, production and sales of energy saving products, lighting fixtures, and other optoelectronic products. Our main products includes sensor CFL(the patent product), sensor ceiling lamp, LED sensor lamp, motion sensors, common and high power energy saving lamp and so on.
We have several engineers that engage many years in research and development in lighting and electronic fields and we have established close relationship with several famous domestic university and research institute to form strong research power. Rely on rich experience in energy saving and lighting technology and advantage in infrared sensor control technology, we have already developed many distinctive infrared sensor products, among which our sensor CFL has already gotten the patent. These sensor products are developed based on the infrared sensor control technology, automatic photometry technology and the energy saving control technology. And their on-offs are automatically and effectively controlled according to people’s requirements. In this way, they can help to save much more energy. To develop green lighting products and protect the human’s living environments is our untiring goal.
We have a belief to make best products for customers and make all customers satisfied thoroughly. And we’d like to innovate a better green lighting and gain a colorful scientific life with all our customers.

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