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OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Codes PDF Print E-mail

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1990-1997 Mitsubishi Diagnostic Flashing Codes

11 Oxygen Sensor
12 Intake air flow sensor
13 Intake temperature sensor
14 Throttle position sensor
15 ISC motor position sensor
21 Engine coolant temperature sensor2621
22 Crankshaft position sensor
23 Camshaft position sensor
24 Vehicle speed sensor
25 Barometric pressure sensor
31 Knock sensor
41 Injector circuit
42 Fuel pump relay
43 EGR sensor
44 Ignition coil
36 Ignition circuit

Mitsubishi OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes:
P0011 V.V.T. system
P0012 V.V.T. over retarded
P0014 V.V.T. system (exhaust)
P0016 Crank-Cam position correlation
P0031 Oxygen sensor heater(front) low
P0032 Oxygen sensor heater(front) high
P0033 Waste gate system
P0037 Oxygen sensor heater(rear) low
P0038 Oxygen sensor heater(rear) high
P0045 Boost control solenoid
P0046 Boost control solenoid range
P0047 Boost control solenoid low
P0048 Boost control solenoid high
P0051 Oxygen sensor heater2(front)low
P0052 Oxygen sensor heater2(front)high
P0057 Oxygen sensor heater2(rear) low
P0058 Oxygen sensor heater2(rear) high
P0069 BARO./MAP sensor
P0070 Ambient air temperature sensor
P0072 Ambient air TEMP.sensor low
P0073 Ambient air TEMP.sensor high
P0074 Ambient air TEMP.intermittent
P0075 Oil control valve
P0088 Common rail high pressure
P0089 Suction control valve stuck
P0090 Fuel pressure up solenoid
P0093 Fuel leak problem
P0100 AFS
P0101 AFS range
P0102 AFS low input
P0103 AFS high input
P0105 BARO./MAP sensor
P0106 BARO./MAP sensor range
P0107 BARO./MAP sensor low
P0108 BARO./MAP sensor high
P0110 Intake air temperature sensor
P0111 Intake air temperature SNS.range
P0112 Intake air temperature SNS.low
P0113 Intake air temperature SNS.high
P0115 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor
P0116 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor range
P0117 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor low
P0118 Engine coolant TEMP.sensor high
P0120 TPS(main)
P0121 TPS(main) range
P0122 TPS(main) low
P0123 TPS(main) high
P0125 Feedback system
P0128 Coolant thermostat
P0130 Oxygen sensor(front)
P0131 Oxygen sensor(front) low
P0132 Oxygen sensor(front) high
P0133 Oxygen sensor(front) response
P0134 Oxygen sensor(front) no activity
P0135 Oxygen sensor(front) heater
P0136 Oxygen sensor(rear)
P0137 Oxygen sensor(rear) low
P0138 Oxygen sensor(rear) high
P0139 Oxygen sensor(rear) response
P0140 Oxygen sensor(rear) no activity
P0141 Oxygen sensor(rear) heater
P0150 Oxygen sensor2(front)
P0151 Oxygen sensor2(front) low
P0152 Oxygen sensor2(front) high
P0153 Oxygen sensor2(front) response
P0154 Oxygen sensor2(front)no activity
P0155 Oxygen sensor2(front) heater
P0156 Oxygen sensor2(rear)
P0157 Oxygen sensor2(rear) low
P0158 Oxygen sensor2(rear) high
P0159 Oxygen sensor2(rear) response
P0160 Oxygen sensor2(rear) no activity
P0161 Oxygen sensor2(rear) heater
P0170 Abnormal fuel system
P0171 Fuel trim -Åtoo lean
P0172 Fuel trim -Åtoo rich
P0173 Abnormal fuel system 2
P0174 Fuel trim 2 too lean
P0175 Fuel trim 2 too rich
P0180 Fuel temperature sensor
P0181 Fuel temperature sensor range
P0182 Fuel temperature sensor low
P0183 Fuel temperature sensor high
P0190 Fuel pressure sensor 1
P0191 Fuel pressure sensor range
P0192 Fuel pressure sensor low input
P0193 Fuel pressure sensor high input
P0200 Injector charge problem
P0201 No.1 injector system
P0202 No.2 injector system
P0203 No.3 injector system
P0204 No.4 injector system
P0205 No.5 injector system
P0206 No.6 injector system
P0207 No.7 injector system
P0208 No.8 injector system
P0219 Engine over speed condition
P0220 APS(main)
P0221 APS(main) range
P0222 TPS(sub) low
P0223 TPS(sub) circuit high
P0225 TPS(sub)
P0226 APS(sub) range
P0227 APS(sub) low
P0228 APS(sub) high
P0230 Fuel pump relay
P0231 Fuel pressure up solenoid
P0234 Turbocharger overboost
P0243 Waste gate solenoid valve
P0300 Misfire detected
P0301 No.1 cylinder misfire detected
P0302 No.2 cylinder misfire detected
P0303 No.3 cylinder misfire detected
P0304 No.4 cylinder misfire detected
P0305 No.5 cylinder misfire detected
P0306 No.6 cylinder misfire detected
P0307 No.7 cylinder misfire detected
P0308 No.8 cylinder misfire detected
P0325 Detonation sensor
P0330 Detonation sensor 2
P0335 Crank angle sensor
P0336 Crank angle sensor range
P0340 Camshaft position sensor
P0341 Camshaft position sensor range
P0365 Camshaft position SNS.range(Ex)
P0385 Crank angle sensor
P0400 EGR system
P0401 EGR flow insufficient
P0402 EGR flow excessive
P0403 EGR control circuit
P0404 EGR control valve stuck
P0405 EGR lift sensor circuit low
P0406 EGR lift sensor circuit high
P0420 Catalyst deterioration
P0421 Warm up catalyst deterioration 1
P0425 Catalyst temperature sensor
P0427 Catalyst temperature sensor LO
P0428 Catalyst temperature sensor HI
P0430 Catalyst deterioration 2
P0431 Warm up catalyst deterioration 2
P0440 EVAP.emission control system
P0441 Purge flow
P0442 EVAP.emission(small leak)
P0443 Purge control solenoid valve
P0446 EVAP.emission vent solenoid
P0450 EVAP.emission pressure sensor
P0451 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor range
P0452 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor low
P0453 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor high
P0455 EVAP.emission(gross leak)
P0456 EVAP.emission(very small leak)
P0460 Fuel level sensor
P0461 Fuel level sensor range
P0462 Fuel level sensor low
P0463 Fuel level sensor high
P0472 Exhaust -Åpressure sensor low
P0473 Exhaust -Åpressure sensor high
P0475 Exhaust pressure control valve
P0500 Vehicle speed signal
P0501 Vehicle speed sensor range
P0502 Vehicle speed sensor low
P0503 Vehicle speed sensor high
P0505 Idle speed control system
P0506 ISC RPM lower than expected
P0507 ISC RPM higher than expected
P0510 Idle position switch
P0513 Incorrect Immobilizer Key
P0515 Battery TEMP. sensor
P0530 A/C pressure sensor
P0545 Exhaust gas TEMP.sensor low
P0546 Exhaust gas TEMP.sensor high
P0551 Power steering pressure switch
P0554 Power STEER.PRS.SW intermittent
P0562 Battery voltage too low
P0563 Battery voltage too high
P0600 Serial communication link
P0603 EEPROM fail
P0604 RAM fail
P0605 ECU CPU malfunction flash ROM
P0606 Engine ECU
P0607 Engine ECU
P0615 Starter relay circuit
P0622 Alternator FR terminal
P0628 Suction control valve low
P0629 Suction control valve high
P0630 Chassis No. not programmed
P0638 Throttle actuator control range
P0642 Sensor reference voltage1 low
P0643 Sensor reference voltage1 high
P0652 Sensor reference voltage2 low
P0653 Sensor reference voltage2 high
P0654 Engine RPM output circuit
P0657 ETV motor relay
P0660 Intake manifold tuning valve
P0686 Main relay circuit stuck closed
P0700 Transmission control system
P0705 Transmission control range
P0710 Transmission fluid TEMP.sensor
P0712 T/M fluid TEMP.SNSR.short
P0713 T/M fluid
P0715 Input shaft speed sensor
P0720 Output shaft speed sensor
P0725 Crank angle sensor
P0731 Gear shift 1st incomplete
P0732 Gear shift 2nd incomplete
P0733 Gear shift 3rd incomplete
P0734 Gear shift 4th incomplete
P0735 Gear shift 5th incomplete
P0736 Gear shift reverse incomplete
P0740 DCC solenoid
P0741 DCC solenoid stuck OFF
P0742 DCC solenoid stuck ON
P0743 DCC solenoid stuck electrical
P0750 LR solenoid
P0753 LR/DIR solenoid
P0755 UD solenoid
P0758 UD solenoid
P0760 2nd solenoid
P0763 2nd solenoid
P0765 OD solenoid
P0768 OD solenoid
P0773 RED solenoid
P0805 Clutch oil pressure sensor
P0820 Neutral switch
P0830 Clutch switch
P0833 Clutch pedal switch
P1010 V.V.T. oil control valve
P1012 V.V.T. intake camshaft position
P1020 Oil control valve
P1021 Oil control Valve open
P1022 Oil control Valve 2
P1023 Oil control Valve 2 open
P1025 Oil control Valve open(Ex)
P1027 Oil control Valve 2 open(Ex)
P1100 Intake manifold tuning
P1101 TCL vacuum solenoid
P1102 TCL ventilation solenoid
P1103 Waste gate
P1104 Waste gate solenoid valve
P1105 Fuel pressure up solenoid
P1120 ETV magnet
P1121 ETV motor relay
P1122 ETV connector
P1190 Fuel pressure sensor 2
P1200 Injector drive
P1201 Injector drive 2
P1203 Injector charge problem(low)
P1204 Injector charge problem(over)
P1210 Intake throttle valve
P1220 ETV system
P1221 ETV motor feedback
P1222 ETV motor
P1223 ETV communication
P1224 ETV Motor 1
P1225 APS(sub)
P1226 ETV controller
P1227 Limp home solenoid
P1228 ETV motor 2
P1230 Fuel pump regulator
P1231 ASC data plausibility
P1232 Fail safe control
P1233 TPS(main) plausibility
P1234 TPS(sub) plausibility
P1235 AFS plausibility
P1236 A/D converter
P1237 APS plausibility
P1238 AFS plausibility(torque monitor)
P1239 Engine RPM plausibility
P1240 ASC retard request plausibility
P1241 Torque monitor
P1242 Fail safe control monitor
P1243 Engine ECU(microcomputer)
P1244 Engine ECU(RAM check)
P1245 Engine ECU(RAM check)
P1246 Engine ECU(LSI communication)
P1272 Pressure limiter malfunction
P1273 Supply pump insufficient flow
P1274 Supply pump protection
P1275 Supply pump exchange
P1276 Fuel filter exchange
P1277 Fuel filter freeze
P1300 IG timing adjustment terminal
P1301 IG timing adjustment signal
P1313 Lean surge
P1320 IG timing retard insufficient
P1335 Piston position sensor 1
P1336 Piston position sensor 2
P1340 Camshaft position sensor
P1381 Glow plug relay (+B short)
P1382 Glow plug relay (GND short)
P1400 MDP sensor
P1403 EGR valve 2
P1427 DPF temperature sensor low
P1428 DPF temperature sensor high
P1443 Purge control valve
P1472 DPF differential PRS.sensor low
P1473 DPF differential PRS.sensor high
P1474 TEMP.sensor(for DPF PRS.SNSR) LO
P1475 TEMP.sensor(for DPF PRS.SNSR) HI
P1496 Catalytic converter(high TEMP.)
P1497 DPF system
P1498 DPF over loading
P1499 DPF high temperature
P1500 Alternator field FR terminal
P1506 ISC rationality low
P1507 ISC rationality high
P1513 Remote control engine starter
P1515 Brake vacuum sensor
P1530 A/C switch chattering
P1540 Radiator sensor1 LIN comm.
P1541 Radiator sensor2 LIN comm.
P1542 Radiator sensor3 LIN comm.
P1543 DOR tampering monitor (A)
P1544 DOR tampering monitor (B)
P1545 DOR tampering monitor (C)
P1546 DOR tampering monitor (D)
P1547 DOR tampering monitor (E)
P1560 Current sensor 1
P1561 Current sensor 2
P1562 Engine room temperature sensor
P1563 Engine room temperature
P1564 Auto cruise switch
P1571 Stop lamp switch
P1574 ECU
P1575 Cancel latch
P1580 Encryption signal error for LIN
P1601 ECM-TVC ECU communication error
P1602 System LSI communication
P1603 Battery backup line
P1604 Chassis No. not programmed
P1606 EEPROM fail
P1607 Battery backup line system(T/M)
P1608 Battery current sensor circuit
P1609 Battery current sensor range
P1610 Immobilizer system
P1615 Starter fail safe relay
P1620 Injection pump (TPS)
P1621 Injection pump (TCV)
P1622 Injection pump (GE)
P1623 Injection pump (CSP sensor)
P1624 Injection pump (Q adjust ROM)
P1625 Injection Q.adjust valve
P1626 Injection Q.valve(not coding)
P1705 Shift actuator
P1706 Select switch
P1715 PG assy
P1716 PG assy
P1720 Vehicle speed sensor signal line
P1730 CVT system fail
P1731 CVT belt slip
P1732 Line pressure sensor open
P1733 Line pressure sensor short
P1734 Line pressure system fail(A)
P1735 Line pressure system fail(B)
P1736 Line pressure system fail(C)
P1737 Line pressure solenoid circuit
P1738 Primary speed sensor
P1739 Primary pressure sensor open
P1740 Primary pressure sensor short
P1741 CVT shift solenoid
P1742 CVT clutch solenoid
P1743 CVT clutch system fail(A)
P1744 CVT clutch system fail(B)
P1745 CVT-ABS communication line open
P1746 CVT cooler bypass valve open
P1750 Solenoid assy
P1751 A/T control relay
P1753 Solenoid1 assy
P1758 Solenoid2 assy
P1760 TPS short
P1761 TPS open
P1762 TPS fail
P1763 T/M fluid TEMP.SNSR.
P1764 T/M fluid TEMP.SNSR.short
P1765 Crank angle sensor open
P1766 Input shaft speed sensor
P1767 Output shaft speed sensor
P1768 K/D detent switch
P1769 Stop lamp switch
P1770 Inhibitor switch open
P1771 Inhibitor switch short
P1772 Vehicle speed sensor
P1773 LR/DIR solenoid
P1774 UD solenoid
P1775 2nd solenoid
P1776 OD solenoid
P1777 RED solenoid
P1778 DCC solenoid
P1779 Gear 1 incorrect ratio
P1780 Gear 2 incorrect ratio
P1781 Gear 3 incorrect ratio
P1782 Gear 4 incorrect ratio
P1783 Gear 5 incorrect ratio
P1784 Gear R incorrect ratio
P1785 Serial communication
P1786 DCC stuck OFF
P1787 DCC stuck ON
P1788 A/T control relay
P1789 N lamp
P1790 Battery backup line
P1791 ECT level input circuit
P1792 Front wheel speed sensor
P1793 Rear wheel speed sensor
P1795 Throttle position input
P1807 Transfer position sensor
P1810 F/W solenoid
P1817 Crank signal inhibition relay
P1820 Neutral switch 2
P1830 K/D servo SW open
P1831 K/D servo SW short
P1832 Shift solenoid 1 open
P1833 Shift solenoid 1 short
P1834 Shift solenoid 2 open
P1835 Shift solenoid 2 short
P1836 Pressure control valve open
P1837 Pressure control valve short
P1838 DCC/Lock up solenoid open
P1839 DCC/Lock up solenoid short
P1840 Shift solenoid GND to short
P1841 Torque reduction judgment 1
P1842 Torque reduction judgment 2
P1843 Shift solenoid 1 stuck ON
P1844 Shift solenoid 1 stuck OFF
P1845 Shift solenoid 2 stuck ON
P1846 Shift solenoid 2 stuck OFF
P1847 Lock up solenoid stuck ON
P1848 Lock up solenoid stuck OFF
P1900 AT ECU fail(Bus off)
P1901 A/T fail(Engine timeout)
P1902 A/T fail(Engine fail Info.)
P2009 Swirl control valve circuit low
P2010 Swirl control valve circuit high
P2066 Fuel level sensor(sub)
P2096 Post catalyst system too lean 1
P2097 Post catalyst system too rich 1
P2098 Post catalyst system too lean 2
P2099 Post catalyst system too rich 2
P2100 ETV motor circuit(open)
P2101 ETV motor magneto
P2102 ETV motor circuit(shorted low)
P2103 ETV motor circuit(shorted high)
P2108 ETV processor
P2118 Throttle actuator motor current
P2119 Throttle actuator throttle body
P2121 APS(main) range
P2122 APS(main) low
P2123 APS(main) high
P2124 APS(main) intermittent
P2126 APS(sub) range
P2127 APS(sub) low
P2128 APS(sub) high
P2135 TPS(main/sub) correlation
P2138 APS(main/sub) correlation
P2146 Injector common circuit1 open
P2147 Injector common circuit low
P2148 Injector common circuit high
P2149 Injector common circuit2 open
P2173 ETV control high air detected
P2176 ETV control without adaptation
P2191 System too lean at high load 1
P2192 System too rich at high load 1
P2193 System too lean at high load 2
P2194 System too rich at high load 2
P2195 Oxygen sensor(front) inactive
P2197 Oxygen sensor2(front) inactive
P2226 Barometric pressure sensor
P2227 Barometric pressure sensor range
P2228 Barometric pressure sensor low
P2229 Barometric pressure sensor high
P2252 O2S(front) negative current low
P2253 O2S(front) negative current high
P2263 Boost system monitor
P2413 EGR system performance
P2454 DPF differential PRS.sensor low
P2455 DPF differential PRS.sensor high
P252F Engine oil level too high
P2567 Radiator sensor thermistor error
P0016 Crank angle sensor phase
P0072 Ambient air TEMP.SNS.circuit low
P0073 Ambient air TEMP.SNS.circuit HI
P0075 V.V.T. oil control valve
P0090 Fuel pressure up solenoid open
P0105 MAP sensor
P0106 MAP sensor range
P0107 MAP sensor low input
P0108 MAP sensor high input
P0111 Intake air temperature sensor
P0121 TPS range
P0122 TPS(main) circuit low input
P0123 TPS(main) circuit high input
P0125 A/F feedback
P0150 Oxygen sensor2 (front)
P0151 Oxygen sensor2 (front) low
P0152 Oxygen sensor2 (front) high
P0153 Oxygen sensor2 (front) response
P0154 Oxygen sensor2 (front) no act
P0155 Oxygen sensor2 (front) heater
P0156 Oxygen sensor2 (rear)
P0157 Oxygen sensor2 (rear) low
P0158 Oxygen sensor2 (rear) high
P0159 Oxygen sensor2 (rear) response
P0161 Oxygen sensor2 (rear) heater
P0170 Fuel trim
P0173 Fuel trim 2
P0222 TPS(sub) circuit low input
P0223 TPS(sub) circuit high input
P0227 APS(sub) low input
P0228 APS(sub) high input
P0234 Waste gate system
P0401 EGR flow Insufficient
P0403 EGR control solenoid valve
P0421 Catalyst deterioration 1
P0430 Catalyst deterioration
P0431 Catalyst deterioration 2
P0442 EVAP.leak check:small leak
P0451 EVAP.emission PRS.sensor open
P0452 EVAP.emission PRS.SNS.low input
P0453 EVAP.emission PRS.SNS.high input
P0455 EVAP.leak check:large leak
P0456 EVAP.leak check:0.5mm leak
P0461 Fuel level sensor
P0513 Immobilizer system
P0606 Engine-ECU main processor
P0628 Suction control valve open
P0629 Suction control valve +B short
P0638 ETV position feedback
P0642 TPS source voltage low
P0643 Analog SNS.reference VOLT.#1 HI
P0652 Analog SNS.reference VOLT.#2 LO
P0653 Analog SNS.reference VOLT.#2 HI
P0657 ETV motor power supply voltage
P0760 2ND solenoid
P0763 2ND solenoid
P1012 Intake camshaft position sensor
P1020 Oil control valve 1
P1021 V.V.T. oil control valve open
P1022 Oil Control Valve 2
P1023 Oil Control Valve 2 open
P1210 Throttle valve malfunction
P1231 Trustful check A.S.C.
P1232 Fail-safe control system
P1400 EGR monitor
P1403 EGR valve
P1602 ECU communication
P1603 Battery backup line system
P1624 Injection pump Q adjust ROM
P1630 Variant coding errors
P1700 Clutch position error
P1705 Clutch actuator error
P1710 Malfunction of clutch actuator
P1715 Clutch disengage
P1720 Clutch torque t/m capacity loss
P1725 Clutch wear limit exceeded
P1730 Engine torque limitation
P1735 Clutch safety function
P1740 Clutch reserve
P1800 Automated-M/T fail(relay OFF)
P1801 Automated-M/T Fail(relay ON)
P1802 Automated-M/T Fail(CLT.bridge)
P1803 Automated-M/T Fail(gear bridge)
P1805 Brake signal error(SRC Up)
P1806 Brake signal error(SRC Lo)
P1807 Brake signal error(signal)
P1808 Brake signal error(plausibility)
P1810 Brake signal short,malfunction
P1812 Brake signal error(signal loss)
P1813 Brake signal error
P1815 Correlation:shift drum #1 SNS.
P1817 Correlation:shift drum#1 sensor
P1820 Correlation:shift drum #2 SNS.
P1822 Correlation:shift drum#2 sensor
P1825 Gearbox EEPROM(ECU)
P1826 Gearbox EEPROM(dataInconsistent)
P1828 Gearbox EEPROM(data wrong)
P1830 Gear engagement (clutch)
P1831 Gear engagement (no shift)
P1835 Gear disengagement(clutch)
P1836 Gear disengagement(no shift)
P1840 Speed of power axle
P1842 Gearbox ngeta/van incalculable
P1845 Speed of non-power axle
P1847 Gearbox vnotan incalculable
P1850 Gearbox shift drum#1 movement -Å1
P1851 Gearbox shift drum#1 movement -Å2
P1852 Gearbox shift drum#1 movement -Å3
P1853 Gearbox shift drum#1 movement -Å4
P1855 Gearbox shift drum#2 movement -Å1
P1856 Gearbox shift drum#2 movement -Å2
P1857 Gearbox shift drum#2 movement -Å3
P1858 Gearbox shift drum#2 movement -Å4
P1860 Gearbox encoder #1 error(SRC Up)
P1861 Gearbox encoder #1 error(SRC Lo)
P1862 Gearbox encoder #1 error(Signal)
P1865 Gearbox encoder #2 error(SRC Up)
P1866 Gearbox encoder #2 error(SRC Lo)
P1867 Gearbox encoder #2 error(Signal)
P1870 Gearbox potentio#1 error(SRC Up)
P1871 Gearbox potentio#1 error(SRC Lo)
P1872 Gearbox potentio.#1 error(SIG.1)
P1873 Gearbox potentio.#1 error(SIG.2)
P1875 Gearbox potentio#2 error(SRC Up)
P1876 Gearbox potentio#2 error(SRC Lo)
P1877 Gearbox potentio.#2 error(SIG.1)
P1878 Gearbox potentio.#2 error(SIG.2)
P1880 Monitoring concept(target speed)
P1882 Monitoring concept(downshift)
P1883 Monitoring concept(data error)
P1885 Gearbox Drive unit(SRC Up)
P1888 Gearbox speed trustful
P1890 Gearbox moving shift drum#1(1)
P1895 Cedrive unit
P1896 Gearbox drive unit(SRC low)
P1897 Gearbox drive unit(Signal error)
P1900 Gearbox program selector
P1902 Gearbox program selector(signal)
P1905 Gearbox shift drum error
P1908 Gearbox shift drum error
P1910 Gear jump
P1913 Gear jump
P1915 Gearbox stop POS.CHK.shiftDrum#1
P1918 Gearbox end stop shift drum#1
P1920 Gearbox stop POS.CHK.shiftDrum#2
P1923 Gearbox end stop shift drum#2
P1925 Gearbox ACT.Err move shiftDrum#1
P1928 Gearbox moving shift drum#1(2)
P1930 Gearbox moving shift drum#2(1)
P1933 Gearbox moving shift drum#2(2)
P1935 Gear ACT.error drum interchanged
P1938 Gearbox shift -Ådrum interchanged
P1940 Gearbox adaptation run errors
P1941 Gearbox adaptation run(Lo VOLT.)
P1942 Gearbox adaptation run(sensor)
P1943 Gearbox adaptation run(trustful)
P1961 Trustful check TPS(main)
P1962 Trustful check TPS(sub)
P1963 Trustful check MAP sensor
P1964 Trustful check AD converter
P1965 Trustful check APS
P1966 Trustful CHK.MAP for torque MONI
P1967 Trustful check engine speed
P1968 Trustful check automated M/T
P1969 Trustful check ignition timing
P1970 Torque monitoring
P1971 Fail-safe control monitoring
P1972 Inquiry/response error
P1973 RAM test for all area
P1974 Cyclic RAM test (engine)
P1975 Cyclic RAM test (gear)
P1976 Cyclic RAM test (clutch)
P1977 ETV monitoring-COMM.error
P1978 ETV IPD HI SHT./LO SHT./Overheat
P1F00 ETV IPD HI SHT./LO SHT./Overheat
P1F01 ETV function
P1F02 ETV/CC monitoring-AD converter
P1F03 ETV/CC monitoring-plausibility
P1F04 ETV/CC monitoring-RAM
P1F05 ETV/CC monitoring-ROM
P1F06 ETV/CC monitoring-disabling path
P1F07 ETV/CC monitoring-COMM.error
P2100 ETV function
P2101 ETV motor rationality
P2102 ETV motor shorted-low
P2103 ETV motor shorted-high
P2121 APS(main) rationality
P2122 APS(main) circuit low input
P2123 APS(main) circuit high input
P2126 APS(sub) rationality
P2127 APS(sub) circuit low input
P2128 APS(sub) circuit high input
P2135 TPS(main and sub)range/perform
P2138 APS(main and sub)range/perform
P2146 Injector circuit common1 open
P2147 Injector common circuit GND SHT.
P2148 Injector common circuit +B short
P2149 Injector circuit common2 open
P2227 Barometric PRS.SNSR.rationality
P2228 Barometric PRS.SNSR.range:low
P2229 Barometric PRS.SNSR.range:high

B1000 Inside temp.sensor performance
B1001 Inside temperature sensor low
B1002 Inside temperature sensor high
B1003 Inside temperature sensor open
B1004 Inside temperature SNSR.inactive
B1005 Rear inside TEMP.SNS.performance
B1006 Rear inside TEMP. sensor low
B1007 Rear inside TEMP. sensor high
B1008 Rear inside TEMP. sensor open
B1009 Rear inside TEMP.sensor inactive
B1010 Outside temp. sensor performance
B1011 Outside temperature sensor low
B1012 Outside temperature sensor high
B1013 Outside temperature sensor open
B1014 Outside TEMP. sensor inactive
B1015 Heater water TEMP.S.performance
B1016 Heater water TEMP. sensor low
B1017 Heater water TEMP. sensor high
B1018 Heater water TEMP. sensor open
B1019 Heater water TEMP. SNSR.inactive
B1020 Air thermo sensor performance
B1021 Air thermo sensor low
B1022 Air thermo sensor high
B1023 Air thermo sensor open
B1024 Air thermo sensor inactive
B1025 Rear air thermo SNSR.performance
B1026 Rear air thermo sensor low
B1027 Rear air thermo sensor high
B1028 Rear air thermo sensor open
B1029 Rear air thermo sensor inactive
B1030 Pressure sensor performance
B1031 Pressure sensor high
B1032 Pressure sensor low
B1033 Pressure sensor open
B1034 Pressure sensor inactive
B1035 R.control TEMP. performance
B1036 R.control temperature high
B1037 R.control temperature low
B1038 R.control temperature open
B1039 R.control temperature inactive
B1040 A/M damper potentio. performance
B1041 A/M damper potentiometer high
B1042 A/M damper potentiometer low
B1043 A/M damper potentiometer open
B1044 A/M damper potentio. inactive
B1045 Air mix damper motor
B1046 A/M range too small
B1047 A/M range too large
B1050 R.A/M DMPR.potentio.performance
B1051 R.A/M damper potentiometer high
B1052 R.A/M damper potentiometer low
B1053 R.A/M damper potentiometer open
B1054 R.A/M damper potentio.inactive
B1055 Rear air mix damper motor
B1056 R.A/M damper travel too small
B1057 R.A/M damper travel too large
B1060 Air outlet potentio.performance
B1061 Air outlet damper potentio.high
B1062 Air outlet damper potentio.low
B1063 Air outlet damper
B1064 Air outlet potentio.Inactive
B1065 Air outlet changeover DMPR.motor
B1066 Air outlet travel range too S
B1067 Air outlet travel range too L
B1070 R.air outlet potenti.performance
B1071 R.air outlet DMPR.potentio.high
B1072 R.air outlet DMPR.potentio.low
B1073 R.air outlet
B1074 R.air outlet potentio.Inactive
B1075 R.air outlet changeover DMPR.MTR
B1076 R.air outlet travel too small
B1077 R.air outlet travel too large
B1080 Rear solenoid valve relay
B1081 Control panel comm.error
B1082 AUTO/MANUAL data problem
B1083 EEPROM error
B1084 R.Def.output circuit OPN/SHT GND
B1085 R.Def.output circuit short 12V
B1086 Recirc output circuit low(short)
B1087 Recirc output circuit high(open)
B1088 A/M DMPR.motor driver (short)
B1089 A/M DMPR.motor driver (open)
B1090 A/M DMPR.motor blocked (left)
B1091 A/M DMPR.motor blocked (right)
B1092 Signal (brower fan On) failure
B1093 Sun sensor circuit low
B1094 PTC heater Comm./Not equipped
B1095 PTC heater1 open
B1096 PTC heater1 short
B1097 PTC heater2 open
B1098 PTC heater2 short
B1099 PTC heater3 open
B1100 PTC heater3 short
B1200 Odometer failure
B1201 Fuel information problem
B1202 Meter ECU power supply problem
B1203 The sticking of ODO/Trip switch
B1300 Topstack switch
B1301 5bow sensor:Up&Down=ON
B1302 5bow sensor:L=ON/R=OFF
B1303 5bow sensor:L=OFF/R=ON
B1304 Topstack POS.sensor:Up&Down=ON
B1305 TN panel close sensor:L=ON/R=OFF
B1306 TN panel close sensor:L=OFF/R=ON
B1307 TN latch close sensor:L=ON/R=OFF
B1308 TN latch close sensor:L=OFF/R=ON
B1309 Timeout error (5bow up)
B1310 Timeout error (TN latch open)
B1311 TN panel sensor:Close&Open=ON
B1312 Timeout error (TN panel open)
B1313 Timeout error (Topstack down)
B1314 Timeout error (TN panel close)
B1315 Timeout error (TN latch close)
B1316 Timeout error (Topstack up)
B1317 Timeout error (5bow down)
B1318 Valve actuation
B1319 Pump motor protection timeout
B1320 Quarter window cancel current
B1321 Comm.error (DR P/W ECU)
B1322 Comm.error (AS P/W ECU)
B1323 IG1 SW input
B1324 Driver side -ÅP/W ECU
B1325 Assist side P/W ECU
B1326 TN latch sensor:Close&Open=ON
B1340 EEPROM error
B1400 F ABG(1)DR.squib short
B1401 F ABG(1)DR.squib open
B1402 F ABG(1)DR.squib grounding
B1403 F ABG(1)DR.squib short to BATT.
B1404 F ABG(1) circuit short
B1405 F ABG(1)DR active circuit open
B1406 FR analog G sensor fail
B1407 FR impact sensor low voltage
B1408 FR impact sensor faulty COM.
B1409 FR impact sensor No COM.
B1410 F ABG(1)PS.squib short
B1411 F ABG(1)PS.squib open
B1412 F ABG(1)PS.squib grounding
B1413 F ABG(1)PS.squib short to BATT.
B1414 F ABG(1) circuit short
B1415 F ABG(1)PS active circuit open
B1416 FL analog G sensor fail
B1417 FL impact sensor low voltage
B1418 FL impact sensor faulty COM.
B1419 FL impact sensor No COM.
B1420 FR side ABG squib short
B1421 FR side ABG squib open
B1422 FR side ABG squib grounding
B1423 FR side ABG squib short to BAT.
B1424 FR side ABG active circuit short
B1425 FR side ABG active circuit open
B1426 FR side analog G sensor fail
B1427 FR side impact sensor low VOLT.
B1428 FR side impact sensor faulty COM
B1429 FR side impact sensor No COM.
B1430 FL side ABG squib short
B1431 FL side ABG squib open
B1432 FL side ABG squib grounding
B1433 FL side ABG squib short to BATT
B1434 FL side ABG active circuit short
B1435 FL side ABG active circuit open
B1436 FL side analog G sensor fail
B1437 FL side impact sensor low VOLT.
B1438 FL side impact sensor faulty COM
B1439 FL side impact sensor No COM.
B1440 FR curtain ABG squib short
B1441 FR curtain ABG squib open
B1442 FR curtain ABG squib grounding
B1443 FR curtain ABG squib BAT
B1444 FR curtain ABG active circuit SH
B1445 FR curtain ABG active circuit OP
B1446 RR side analog G sensor fail
B1447 RR side impact SNS.low voltage
B1448 RR side impact SNS.faulty COM.
B1449 RR side impact SNS.No COM.
B1450 FL curtain ABG squib short
B1451 FL curtain ABG squib open
B1452 FL curtain ABG squib grounding
B1453 FL curtain ABG squib BAT
B1454 FL curtain ABG active circuit SH
B1455 FL curtain ABG active circuit OP
B1456 RL side analog G sensor fail
B1457 RL side impact sensor low VOLT.
B1458 RL side impact sensor faulty COM
B1459 RL side impact sensor No COM.
B1460 FR pretensioner squib short
B1461 FR pretensioner squib open
B1462 FR pretensioner squib grounding
B1463 FR pretensioner squib BAT
B1464 FR circuit short
B1465 FR circuit open
B1466 Front ABG analog G sensor fail
B1467 Front ABG safing G sensor open
B1468 Front ABG safing G sensor short
B1469 Side ABG safing G sensor fail
B1470 FL pretensioner squib short
B1471 FL pretensioner squib open
B1472 FL pretensioner squib grounding
B1473 FL pretensioner squib BAT
B1474 FL circuit short
B1475 FL circuit open
B1476 IG1(A) voltage extradinary low
B1477 IG1(B) voltage extradinary low
B1478 B/U capacitor terminal high VOLT
B1479 B/U Capacitor terminal low VOLT.
B1480 F ABG(2)DR squib short
B1481 F ABG(2)DR squib open
B1482 F ABG(2)DR squib grounding
B1483 F ABG(2)DR squib short to BATT.
B1484 F ABG(2)DR active circuit short
B1485 F ABG(2)DR active circuit open
B1486 Seatbelt alarm lamp circuit Fail
B1487 Seatbelt alarm lamp harness open
B1488 OFF alarm lamp circuit fail
B1489 OFF alarm lamp circuit open
B1490 F ABG(2)PS squib short
B1491 F ABG(2)PS squib open
B1492 F ABG(2)PS squib grounding
B1493 F ABG(2)PS squib short to BATT.
B1494 F ABG(2)PS active circuit short
B1495 F ABG(2)PS active circuit open
B1496 Control unit
B1498 Control unit
B1499 Control unit collision decision
B1500 RR curtain ABG squib short
B1501 RR curtain ABG squib open
B1502 RR curtain ABG squib grounding
B1503 RR curtain ABG squib BAT
B1504 RR curtain ABG active circuit SH
B1505 RR curtain ABG active circuit OP
B1506 position SW open
B1507 position SW short to GND
B1508 position SW short to BAT
B1509 Wrong installation of ECU
B1510 RL curtain ABG squib short
B1511 RL curtain ABG squib open
B1512 RL curtain ABG squib grounding
B1513 RL curtain ABG squib BAT
B1514 RL curtain ABG active circuit SH
B1515 RL curtain ABG active circuit OP
B1516 position SW open
B1517 position SW short to GND
B1518 position SW short to BAT
B1519 Connector lock
B1520 DR.buckle SW fault
B1521 DR.buckle SW open for N.C
B1522 DR.buckle SW GND for N.C
B1523 DR.buckle SW BATT.for N.C
B1524 DR.buckle SW open for N.C
B1525 DR.buckle SW GND for N.O
B1526 DR.buckle SW BATT.for N.O
B1527 DR.buckle SW OPEN for COM
B1528 DR.buckle SW GND for COM
B1529 DR.buckle SW BATT.for COM
B1530 PS.buckle SW fault
B1531 PS.buckle SW open for N.C
B1532 PS.buckle SW GND for N.C
B1533 PS.buckle SW BATT.for N.C
B1534 PS.buckle SW open for N.C
B1535 PS.buckle SW GND for N.O
B1536 PS.buckle SW BATT.for N.O
B1537 PS.buckle SW OPEN for COM
B1538 PS.buckle SW GND for COM
B1539 PS.buckle SW BATT.for COM
B1540 OCSS control unit
B1541 OCSS calibration
B1542 OCSS sensor1
B1543 OCSS sensor2
B1544 OCSS seat belt sensor
B1545 OCSS control unit faulty Comm.
B1546 OCSS control unit No Comm.
B1547 Cut off for passenger',27h,'s airbag
B1548 CAN No communication
B1549 CAN faulty communication
B1550 SRS alarm Lamp circuit fail
B1551 SRS alarm Lamp harness open
B1552 Change circuit for SH
B1553 Change circuit for OP
B1554 OCSS internal unit fail
B1555 OCSS internal unit circuit open
B1556 position SW fail
B1557 Control unit
B1558 OCSS control unit
B1559 Cut off for driver front Airbag
B1560 DR.cut SW fault
B1561 DR.cut SW OPEN for N.C
B1562 DR.cut SW GND for N.C
B1563 DR.cut SW BATT.for N.C
B1564 DR.cut SW open for N.O
B1565 DR.cut SW GND.for N.O
B1566 DR.cut SW BATT.for N.O
B1567 DR.cut SW OPEN for COM
B1568 DR.cut SW GND for COM
B1569 DR.cut SW BATT.for COM
B1570 PS.cut SW fault
B1571 PS.cut SW OPEN for N.C
B1572 PS.cut SW GND for N.C
B1573 PS.cut SW BATT.for N.C
B1574 PS.cut SW open for N.O
B1575 PS.cut SW GND.for N.O
B1576 PS.cut SW BATT.for N.O
B1577 PS.cut SW OPEN for COM
B1578 PS.cut SW GND for COM
B1579 PS.cut SW BATT.for COM
B1580 DR.cut off SW wrong installation
B1581 PS.cut off SW wrong installation
B1582 FR impact sensor ID fault
B1583 FL impact sensor ID fault
B1584 FR side impact sensor ID fault
B1585 FL side impact sensor ID fault
B1586 RR side impact sensor ID fault
B1587 RL side impact sensor ID fault
B1588 B/UP capacitor up converter
B1589 B/UP capacitor down converter
B1590 B/UP capacitor capacitance big
B1591 B/UP capacitor capacitance small
B1592 Front analog G sensor failure
B1593 Front analog G SNS.noise fault
B1594 Control unit abnormal condition
B1595 FR impact sensor short
B1596 FR impact sensor open
B1597 FR impact sensor grounding
B1598 FR impact sensor short to BATT.
B1599 FL impact sensor short
B1600 FL impact sensor open
B1601 FL impact sensor grounding
B1602 FL impact sensor short to BATT.
B1603 DR pretensioner squib short
B1604 DR pretensioner squib open
B1605 DR pretensioner squib grounding
B1606 DR pretensioner squib BAT
B1607 DR circuit short
B1608 DR circuit open
B1609 PS pretensioner squib short
B1610 PS pretensioner squib open
B1611 PS pretensioner squib grounding
B1612 PS pretensioner squib BAT
B1613 PS circuit short
B1614 PS circuit open
B1615 F ABG electronic safing
B1616 F ABG safing G sensor fail
B1617 Roll rate sensor failure
B1618 Z axis low G Sensor failure
B1699 Collective deployment
B1700 Odometer data fail
B1701 Intermittent wiper data fail
B1702 Transponder read error
B1703 Transponder ID unmatched
B1704 Auto light sensor open
B1705 Auto light sensor short
B1706 Flasher fuse blown
B1707 Flasher open
B1708 Front wiper intermittent
B1712 Rain sensor fail
B1713 Rain auto light sensor fail
B1714 Auto light sensor fail
B1720 Key battery low
B1721 Immobilizer-basestation fail
B1722 Immobilizer-antenna fail
B1723 Immob-transponder
B1724 Mode byte failure in CAN message
B1725 Immobilizer-CAN massage fail
B1726 Immob-too much challenge receive
B1727 Supply voltage
B1728 Supply voltage(undervoltage)
B1729 Supply voltage(overvoltage)
B1730 Immob-transponder
B1731 Engine ECU communication timeout
B1740 Turn signal(RH) bulb outage
B1741 Turn signal(LH) bulb outage
B1742 Turn signal switch fail
B1743 Hazard lamp fuse blowing out
B1744 Hazard button fail
B1750 Driver's door status fail
B1751 Driver's door(lock)
B1752 Driver's door(unlock)
B1753 Driver's door(deadunlock)
B1760 Coding data mismatch
B1761 Chassis No. not programmed
B1762 IOD fuse not seated fully
B1763 Lighting switch
B1764 Wiper switch
B1765 ECU fuse
B1766 Already learned by other vehicle
B1767 CAN/LIN/SWS converter internal
B1900 Rheostat line open
B1901 Communication error of compass
B1A00 KOS key1 internal error
B1A01 KOS key2 internal error
B1A02 KOS key3 internal error
B1A03 KOS key4 internal error
B1A04 Keyless/KOS key 5 internal error
B1A05 Keyless/KOS key 6 internal error
B1A06 Keyless/KOS key 7 internal error
B1A07 Keyless/KOS key 8 internal error
B1A08 KOS key1 performance
B1A09 KOS key2 performance
B1A0A KOS key3 performance
B1A0B KOS key4 performance
B1A0C Keyless/KOS key 5 performance
B1A0D Keyless/KOS key 6 performance
B1A0E Keyless/KOS key 7 performance
B1A0F Keyless/KOS key 8 performance
B1A10 KOS key1 low battery
B1A11 KOS key2 low battery
B1A12 KOS key3 low battery
B1A13 KOS key4 low battery
B1A14 Keyless/KOS key 5 low battery
B1A15 Keyless/KOS key 6 low battery
B1A16 Keyless/KOS key 7 low battery
B1A17 Keyless/KOS key 8 low battery
B2400 KOS key registration fail
B2401 KOS key ID not registered
B2402 STL.unit comm.(system ID)
B2403 STL.unit comm.(CRC)
B2404 STL.unit comm.(function code)
B2405 STL.unit comm.(rolling code)
B2406 STL.unit comm.(PTC operate)
B2407 STL.unit comm.(EEPROM)
B2408 STL.unit comm.(solenoid)
B2409 STL.unit comm.(No response)
B240A FR antenna(outdoor) open
B240B FL antenna(outdoor) open
B240C Tail gate antenna(outdoor) open
B240D Front antenna(indoor) open
B240E RR antenna(indoor) open
B240F RL antenna(indoor) open
B2410 Rear antenna(indoor) open
B2411 Lock/unlock SW fail
B2412 LF antenna power voltage
B2413 STL.unit power voltage
B2414 Unlock sensor fail
B2415 RA module power voltage
B2416 ECU internal error
B2801 Power voltage too high
B2802 Power voltage too low
B2811 Logic voltage too high
B2812 Logic voltage too low
B2821 Pump motor TEMP.SNSR:SHT to BAT
B2824 Pump motor TEMP.SNSR:SHT to GND
B2831 ECU internal (RAM)
B2832 ECU internal (ROM)
B2833 ECU internal (TEMP. protection)
B2834 ECU internal (reference voltage)
B2835 ECU internal (EEPROM)
B2836 ECU internal (watchdog)
B2837 ECU internal (general error)
B2841 Hall sensor power:SHT to BAT
B2842 Hall sensor power:SHT to GND
B2854 Side latch hall sensor:no signal
B2861 PWR.striker hall SNS:SHT to BAT
B2862 PWR.striker hall SNS:SHT to GND
B2863 PWR.striker hall SNS:no signal
B2864 PWR.striker hall SNS:SHT to GND
B2871 Pump motor:short to battery
B2872 Pump motor:short to ground
B2874 Pump motor:open line
B2875 Pump motor:over current
B2877 Pump motor:low current
B2878 Pump motor:not connected
B2881 latch motor:SHT to BAT
B2882 latch motor:SHT to GND
B2884 latch motor:open line
B2887 latch motor:overheated
B2891 PWR.striker motor:short to BAT
B2892 PWR.striker motor:short to GND
B2893 PWR.striker motor:unexpect block
B2895 PWR.striker motor:over current
B2898 PWR.striker motor:not connected
B28A1 Side latch motor:short to BAT
B28A2 Side latch motor:short to GND
B28A3 Side latch motor:unexpect block
B28A5 Side latch motor:over current
B28A8 Side latch motor:not connected
B28B1 FL P/W no response
B28B2 FR P/W no response
B28B3 RL P/W no response
B28B4 RR P/W no response
B28B5 FL P/W initialization
B28B6 FR P/W initialization
B28B7 RL P/W initialization
B28B8 RR P/W initialization
B28BA FL P/W default
B28BB FR P/W default
B28BC RL P/W default
B28BD RR P/W default
B28BF All P/W no response
B28C1 Window LIN bus:bit error
B28C2 Window LIN bus:checksum error
B28C3 Window LIN bus:slave no response
B28C4 Window LIN bus:no bus activity
B28C5 Window LIN bus:parity error
B28C6 Window LIN bus:inconsistent
B28D1 Valve01 output:short to battery
B28D2 Valve01 output:short to ground
B28D4 Valve01 output:open line
B28E1 Valve02 output:short to battery
B28E2 Valve02 output:short to ground
B28E4 Valve02 output:open line
B28F1 Window relay output:short to BAT
B28F2 Window relay output:short to GND
B28F4 Window relay output:open line
B2902 Buzzer output:short to ground
B2911 F/B trunk status output:SHT-BAT
B2912 F/B trunk status output:SHT-GND
B2921 PWR.striker retracted:SHT-BAT
B2924 PWR.striker retracted:open line
B2926 PWR.striker retract:open T/out
B2927 PWR.striker retract:open T/out
B2928 PWR.striker retract:close T/out
B2929 PWR.striker retract:close T/out
B292A PWR.striker retracted:open cycle
B292B PWR.striker retracted:open cycle
B292C PWR.striker retract:close cycle
B292D PWR.striker retract:close cycle
B2931 Down latch LH open:short to BAT
B2934 Down latch LH open:open line
B2936 Down latch LH open:open timeout
B2937 Down latch LH open:open timeout
B2938 Down latch LH open:close timeout
B2939 Down latch LH open:close timeout
B293A Down latch LH open:open cycle
B293B Down latch LH open:open cycle
B293C Down latch LH open:close cycle
B293D Down latch LH open:close cycle
B2941 Down latch RH open:short to BAT
B2944 Down latch RH open:open line
B2946 Down latch RH open:open timeout
B2947 Down latch RH open:open timeout
B2948 Down latch RH open:close timeout
B2949 Down latch RH open:close timeout
B294A Down latch RH open:open cycle
B294B Down latch RH open:open cycle
B294C Down latch RH open:close cycle
B294D Down latch RH open:close cycle
B2956 Side latch LH open:open timeout
B2957 Side latch LH open:open timeout
B2958 Side latch LH open:close timeout
B2959 Side latch LH open:close timeout
B295A Side latch LH open:open cycle
B295B Side latch LH open:open cycle
B295C Side latch LH open:close cycle
B295D Side latch LH open:close cycle
B2966 Side latch RH open:open timeout
B2967 Side latch RH open:open timeout
B2968 Side latch RH open:close timeout
B2969 Side latch RH open:close timeout
B296A Side latch RH open:open cycle
B296B Side latch RH open:open cycle
B296C Side latch RH open:close cycle
B296D Side latch RH open:close cycle
B2971 Trunklid cylinder open:SHT-BAT
B2974 Trunklid cylinder open:open line
B2976 Trunklid cylinder open:OP T/out
B2977 Trunklid cylinder open:OP T/out
B2978 Trunklid cylinder open:CLS T/out
B2979 Trunklid cylinder open:CLS T/out
B297A Trunklid cylinder open:OP cycle
B297B Trunklid cylinder open:OP cycle
B297C Trunklid cylinder open:CLS cycle
B297D Trunklid cylinder open:CLS cycle
B2981 Trunklid cylinder close:SHT-BAT
B2984 Trunklid cylinder close:OPN.line
B2986 Trunklid cylinder close:OP T/out
B2987 Trunklid cylinder close:OP T/out
B2988 Trunklid cylinder close:CL T/out
B2989 Trunklid cylinder close:CL T/out
B298A Trunklid cylinder close:OP cycle
B298B Trunklid cylinder close:OP cycle
B298C Trunklid cylinder close:CL cycle
B298D Trunklid cylinder close:CL cycle
B2991 Main cylinder open:short to BAT
B2994 Main cylinder open:open line
B2996 Main cylinder open:open timeout
B2997 Main cylinder open:open timeout
B2998 Main cylinder open:close timeout
B2999 Main cylinder open:close timeout
B299A Main cylinder open:open cycle
B299B Main cylinder open:open cycle
B299C Main cylinder open:close cycle
B299D Main cylinder open:close cycle
B29A1 Main cylinder close:short to BAT
B29A4 Main cylinder close:open line
B29A6 Main cylinder close:open T/out
B29A7 Main cylinder close:open T/out
B29A8 Main cylinder close:close T/out
B29A9 Main cylinder close:close T/out
B29AA Main cylinder close:open cycle
B29AB Main cylinder close:open cycle
B29AC Main cylinder close:close cycle
B29AD Main cylinder close:close cycle
B29B1 Door lock signal:short to BAT
B29B8 Door lock signal:close cycle
B29C1 Door unlock signal:short to BAT
B29C6 Door unlock signal:open timeout
B29D6 Rear center latch:open timeout
B29D7 Rear center latch:open timeout
B29D8 Rear center latch:close timeout
B29D9 Rear center latch:close timeout
B29DA Rear center latch:open cycle
B29DB Rear center latch:open cycle
B29DC Rear center latch:close cycle
B29DD Rear center latch:close cycle
B29E3 Key switch signal:long
B29E6 Key switch signal:open timeout
B29E7 Key switch signal:open timeout
B29E8 Key switch signal:close timeout
B29E9 Key switch signal:close timeout
B29EA Key switch signal:open cycle
B29EB Key switch signal:open cycle
B29EC Key switch signal:close cycle
B29ED Key switch signal:close cycle
B29F0 Sequence error:invalid state
B29F1 Sequence error:pump current HI
B29F3 End of line config. not made
B1000 A/C control panel comm.error
B1003 A/C mode SW
B1018 Temperature setting SW
B1021 Blower fan SW
B1031 Air thermo sensor short
B1032 Air thermo sensor open
B1034 Ambient temperature sensor low
B1035 Ambient temperature sensor high
B1079 A/C refrigerant leak
B10C0 Interior temperature sensor SHT
B10C1 Interior temperature sensor open
B1202 Fuel information problem2
B1203 SRS warning indicator circuit
B1204 PS.ABG indicator circuit low
B1205 PS.ABG indicator circuit high
B1206 PS.ABG indicator circuit open
B1207 PS.ABG indicator circuit short
B1208 LCD heater
B1209 Test mode
B1610 Auto light sensor low
B1611 Auto light sensor high
B16A0 Tail lamp(RH) circuit open
B16A1 Tail lamp(LH) circuit open
B16A2 Turn signal(LH) bulb outage
B16A3 Turn signal(LH) circuit short
B16A4 Turn signal(RH) bulb outage
B16A5 Turn signal(RH) circuit short
B16A6 Turn signal fuse blown
B16A7 Tail lamp(RH) circuit short
B16A8 Tail lamp(LH) circuit short
B1A08 Keyless/KOS key1 performance
B1A09 Keyless/KOS key2 performance
B1A0A Keyless/KOS key3 performance
B1A0B Keyless/KOS key4 performance
B1A0C Keyless key 5 performance
B1A0D Keyless key 6 performance
B1A0E Keyless key 7 performance
B1A0F Keyless key 8 performance
B1A10 Keyless/KOS key 1 low battery
B1A11 Keyless/KOS key 2 low battery
B1A12 Keyless/KOS key 3 low battery
B1A13 Keyless/KOS key 4 low battery
B1A14 Keyless key 5 low battery
B1A15 Keyless key 6 low battery
B1A16 Keyless key 7 low battery
B1A17 Keyless key 8 low battery
B1A24 Transponder ID not registered
B1A25 Transponder ID unmatched
B1A28 ENG.ECU authenticate error
B1A35 Transponder read error
B1B00 DR.ABG squib(1) low
B1B01 DR.ABG squib(1) high
B1B02 DR.ABG squib(1) open
B1B03 DR.ABG squib(1) short
B1B04 DR.ABG squib(2) low
B1B05 DR.ABG squib(2) high
B1B06 DR.ABG squib(2) open
B1B07 DR.ABG squib(2) short
B1B08 PS.ABG squib(1) low
B1B09 PS.ABG squib(1) high
B1B0A PS.ABG squib(1) open
B1B0B PS.ABG squib(1) short
B1B0C PS.ABG squib(2) low
B1B0D PS.ABG squib(2) high
B1B0E PS.ABG squib(2) open
B1B0F PS.ABG squib(2) short
B1B10 DR.knee bolster squib low
B1B11 DR.knee bolster squib high
B1B12 DR.knee bolster squib open
B1B13 DR.knee bolster squib short
B1B18 Left curtain ABG squib low
B1B19 Left curtain ABG squib high
B1B1A Left curtain ABG squib open
B1B1B Left curtain ABG squib short
B1B20 Right curtain ABG squib low
B1B21 Right curtain ABG squib high
B1B22 Right curtain ABG squib open
B1B23 Right curtain ABG squib short
B1B28 DR.belt pretensioner circuit LO
B1B29 DR.belt pretensioner circuit HI
B1B2A DR.belt pretensioner circuit OPN
B1B2B DR.belt pretensioner circuit SHT
B1B2C PS.belt pretensioner circuit LO
B1B2D PS.belt pretensioner circuit HI
B1B2E PS.belt pretensioner circuit OPN
B1B2F PS.belt pretensioner circuit SHT
B1B50 DR.seatbelt sensor circuit low
B1B51 DR.seatbelt sensor circuit high
B1B52 DR.seatbelt sensor circuit open
B1B54 PS.seatbelt sensor circuit low
B1B55 PS.seatbelt sensor circuit high
B1B56 PS.seatbelt sensor circuit open
B1B70 FL impact sensor
B1B71 FR impact sensor
B1B72 Side impact sensor(LH)
B1B73 Side impact sensor(LH) 2
B1B74 Side impact sensor(LH) 3
B1B75 Side impact sensor(RH)
B1B76 Side impact sensor(RH) 2
B1B77 Side impact sensor(RH) 3
B1B8D track POS.sensor low
B1B8E track POS.sensor high
B1B8F track POS.sensor open
B1B93 track POS.sensor low
B1B94 track POS.sensor high
B1B95 track POS.sensor open
B1BA3 track POS.sensor(OCM)
B1BA4 track POS.sensor(OCM)
B1BA5 ABG squib configuration mismatch
B1BA6 Occupant class undetermined
B1BAA OCM configuration mismatch
B1BB3 PS.ABG cut off SW circuit low
B1BB4 PS.ABG cut off SW circuit high
B1BB5 PS.ABG cut off SW circuit open
B1BB6 PS.ABG cut off SW circuit short
B1BB7 PS.ABG cut off SW config.miss
B1BB8 SRS indicator status mismatch
B1BC6 Passenger ABG cut off SW
B1BC7 Airbag deployment
B1BC9 DR.ABG cut off SW circuit low
B1BCA DR.ABG cut off SW circuit high
B1BCB DR.ABG cut off SW circuit open
B1BCF Roll over sensors
B1C27 Left side ABG squib low
B1C28 Left side ABG squib high
B1C29 Left side ABG squib open
B1C2A Left side ABG squib short
B1C2B Right side ABG squib low
B1C2C Right side ABG squib high
B1C2D Right side ABG squib open
B1C2E Right side ABG squib short
B1C33 DR.lap pretensioner circuit low
B1C34 DR.lap pretensioner circuit high
B1C35 DR.lap pretensioner circuit open
B1C36 DR.lap pretensioner circuit SHT.
B1C38 DR.pretensioner circuit low
B1C39 DR.pretensioner circuit high
B1C3A DR.pretensioner circuit open
B1C3B DR.pretensioner circuit short
B1C42 PS.lap pretensioner circuit low
B1C43 PS.lap pretensioner circuit high
B1C44 PS.lap pretensioner circuit open
B1C45 PS.lap pretensioner circuit SHT.
B1C47 PS.pretensioner circuit low
B1C48 PS.pretensioner circuit high
B1C49 PS.pretensioner circuit open
B1C4A PS.pretensioner circuit short
B2101 IG SW start POS.circuit low
B2102 IG SW start POS.circuit high
B210D Power supply low voltage
B212C IG SW start POS.circuit open
B212D IG SW ON POS.circuit open
B2201 Calibration
B2203 Chassis No. not programmed
B2204 Coding data mismatch
B2205 Original Chassis No. -Åmismatch
B2206 Chassis No. mismatch
B2207 SRS ECU internal error 1
B2208 SRS ECU internal error 2
B2209 SRS ECU internal error 3
B220A SRS ECU internal error 4
B220B Buck up condenser
B220C SRS ECU(G sensor)
B220E SRS ECU(Roll over accelerometer)
B2214 A/C panel malfunction
B2215 ECU internal error
B2222 Radio receiver Internal fail
B2224 Coding(vehicle info.) mismatch
B2226 AND error
B222C Coding not completed
B223B A/C panel wrong installation
B223D OCM DTC present
B2240 Communication error with CAN Box
B2255 ECU(Roll over feature disable)
B2350 Lighting switch
B2351 Wiper switch
B2352 Antenna fail
B2353 Ignition power supply (low)
B2354 Ignition power supply (high)
B2360 Supplier mode
B2401 Keyless/KOS key ID not register
B240A DR antenna(outdoor) open
B2413 STL unit power voltage
B2420 Power integrated circuit
B2421 Radio tuner
B2422 MD player error
B2423 6CD player error
B2424 CD player error
B2450 Switch panel communication
B2451 Audio panel type error
B2452 Display error
B2463 Rheostat switch sticking
B2464 Meter information SW sticking
B2465 Ignition signal
B2466 ILL+ line
B2467 Stepper motor
B2468 Microphone input short to BATT
B2470 Microphone input short to ground
B2471 On hook button stuck
B2472 Off hook button stuck
B2473 VR button stuck
B2474 Self Test
B2475 Chassis No. not programmed
B2477 Chassis No. not programmed

C1200 FR wheel speed sensor
C1201 FR wheel speed sensor signal
C1202 FR wheel SPD.SNSR.power circuit
C1205 FL wheel speed sensor
C1206 FL wheel speed sensor signal
C1207 FL wheel SPD.SNSR.power circuit
C1210 RR wheel speed sensor
C1211 RR wheel speed sensor signal
C1212 RR wheel SPD.SNSR.power circuit
C1215 RL wheel speed sensor
C1216 RL wheel speed sensor signal
C1217 RL wheel SPD.SNSR.power circuit
C1222 Wheel SPD.SNSR.power circuit
C1223 Suspension of check
C1225 Deviation between wheel speed
C1226 FR inlet valve
C1231 FR outlet valve
C1236 FL inlet valve
C1241 FL outlet valve
C1246 RR inlet valve
C1251 RR outlet valve
C1256 RL inlet valve
C1261 RL outlet valve
C1266 Motor stuck
C1271 Motor drive circuit
C1273 Motor drive circuit stuck off
C1274 Motor drive circuit stuck on
C1276 Valve power supply circuit
C1278 Valve power circuit stuck off
C1279 Valve power circuit stuck on
C1280 Motor fail safe relay
C1281 Motor fail safe relay(stuck off)
C1282 Motor fail safe relay(stuck on)
C1290 Reverse signal
C1291 Reverse switch
C1292 Malfunction of network
C1300 FR cut valve
C1305 FR suction valve
C1310 FL cut valve
C1315 FL suction valve
C1320 Data length error(ENG)
C1321 Data length error(T/M)
C1322 Data length error(ETACS)
C1330 Mis-identification ENG.variation
C1331 Mis-identification T/M variation
C1340 Stop lamp switch
C1341 Brake stroke SNS.stuck/low gain
C1342 Brake stroke SNS.low voltage
C1343 Brake stroke SNS.high voltage
C1345 Brake fluid level insufficient
C1350 Rear inlet valve
C1360 INCOMP.learn neutral(M/C PRS.S)
C1361 M/C pressure SNSR.stuck/low gain
C1362 M/C pressure SNSR.low voltage
C1363 M/C pressure SNSR.high voltage
C1364 M/C pressure SNSR.malfunction
C1365 G sensor power supply
C1366 Lateral G SNSR.stuck/low gain
C1367 Lateral G SNSR.low voltage
C1368 Lateral G SNSR.high voltage
C1371 Yaw rate SNSR.stuck/low gain
C1372 Yaw rate SNSR.low voltage
C1373 Yaw rate SNSR.high voltage
C1375 Rear outlet valve
C1377 Comm.error G/Yaw rate sensor
C1378 Data length error(ASC sensor)
C1379 Data length error(STR.angle S.)
C1381 Straight G SNSR.stuck/low gain
C1382 Straight G SNSR.low voltage
C1383 Straight G SNSR.high voltage
C1385 Yaw rate sensor
C1386 Straight G sensor/G performance
C1387 Lateral G sensor/G performance
C1388 Yaw rate sensor active check
C1389 Straight G sensor active check
C1390 Lateral G sensor active check
C1391 INCOMP.learn neutral(Yawrate)
C1392 INCOMP.learn neutral(Straight G)
C1393 INCOMP.learn neutral(Lateral G)
C1394 INCOMP.learn neutral(SAS)
C1395 INCOMP.Brake fluid filling
C1396 Engine torque input refusal
C1397 T/M malfunction(Inhibitor SW)
C1398 Test mode
C1399 Drive test incomplete
C1403 Mode switch failure
C1405 Inappropriate tire diameter
C1406 Coupling protection operation
C1408 Actuator relay failure
C1410 Sol.abnormal current(initial)
C1411 Solenoid short circuit(initial)
C1412 Solenoid disconnection
C1413 Solenoid short circuit
C1414 Sol.abnormal current
C1415 Sol.abnormal current
C1420 IG SW start POS.circuit low
C1421 IG SW start POS.circuit high
C1422 Power supply high voltage
C1423 Power supply low voltage
C1424 ECU Internal/Sol. wiring error
C1505 Steering angle sensor
C1506 Steering angle sensor error
C1511 Torque sensor main
C1512 Torque sensor sub
C1513 Torque sensor main/sub voltage
C1514 Torque sensor power supply
C1515 Torque sensor amplifier circuit
C1521 Vehicle speed sensor
C1522 Crank angle sensor
C1531 Motor terminal voltage
C1532 Motor current too large
C1533 Motor over current
C1534 Motor current too small
C1541 Fail safe relay stuck ON
C1542 Fail safe relay stuck OFF
C1551 Hall-IC output voltage
C1552 Hall-IC output pattern
C1553 Optical sensor
C1554 Speed sensor is out of range
C1555 Steering angle SNS.out of range
C1606 RAM
C1607 ECU failure
C1608 EEPROM failure
C1609 ROM
C1620 ECU incorrect attachment
C1621 Yaw/G SNS.incorrect attachment
C1640 Coding not completed
C1641 Coding data mismatch
C1860 Power supply high voltage
C1861 Power supply low voltage
C1862 G/Yawrate power supply high VOLT
C1863 G/Yawrate power supply low VOLT.
C1864 G/Yawrate SNS.power supply VOLT.
C1900 Tire ID code No registration
C1901 Vehicle speed signal
C1910 Transmitter BATT.voltage,Tire1
C1911 Tire ID reception fail,Tire1
C1912 Tire air pressure low,Tire1
C1913 Acceleration sensor,Tire1
C1914 Tire air pressure sensor,Tire1
C1915 Transmitter OFF mode,Tire1
C1920 Transmitter BATT.voltage,Tire2
C1921 Tire ID reception fail,Tire2
C1922 Tire air pressure low,Tire2
C1923 Acceleration sensor,Tire2
C1924 Tire air pressure sensor,Tire2
C1925 Transmitter OFF mode,Tire2
C1930 Transmitter BATT.voltage,Tire3
C1931 Tire ID reception fail,Tire3
C1932 Tire air pressure low,Tire3
C1933 Acceleration sensor,Tire3
C1934 Tire air pressure sensor,Tire3
C1935 Transmitter OFF mode,Tire3
C1940 Transmitter BATT.voltage,Tire4
C1941 Tire ID reception fail,Tire4
C1942 Tire air pressure low,Tire4
C1943 Acceleration sensor,Tire4
C1944 Tire air pressure sensor,Tire4
C1945 Transmitter OFF mode,Tire4
C1950 Transmitter BATT.voltage,Tire5
C1951 Tire ID reception fail,Tire5
C1952 Tire air pressure low,Tire5
C1953 Acceleration sensor,Tire5
C1954 Tire air pressure sensor,Tire5
C1955 Transmitter OFF mode,Tire5

U1073 Bus-Off
U1100 Engine CAN timeout
U1101 T/M CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1102 ASC/TCL/ABS timeout/Not equipped
U1103 PDC CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1104 SAS CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1105 YR/G CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1106 EPS CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1107 4WD CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1108 Meter CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1109 ETACS CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1110 A/C CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1111 Display CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1112 SRS-ABG CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1113 Display CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1114 TPMS CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1116 KOS CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1117 IMMOB.CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1120 Engine(CAN message)
U1121 T/M(CAN message)
U1122 ASC/TCL/ABS(CAN message)
U1123 PDC(CAN message)
U1124 SAS(CAN message)
U1125 Yaw rate/G sensor(CAN message)
U1126 EPS(CAN message)
U1127 4WD(CAN message)
U1128 Meter(CAN message)
U1129 ETACS(CAN message)
U1130 A/C(CAN message)
U1131 Display(CAN message)
U1132 SRS airbag(CAN message)
U1133 Display(CAN message)
U1136 KOS(CAN message)
U1190 No receive fault detect signal
U1200 SAS parity error
U1201 Yaw rate sensor parity error
U1202 Straight G sensor parity error
U1203 Lateral G sensor parity error
U1204 SAS message counter error
U1205 Yaw rate/G message counter error
U1206 Sleep instruction flag invalid
U1300 Data Length Error(ID:0E1)
U1301 Data Length Error(ID:0E3/0E4)
U1302 Data Length Error(ID:139)
U1303 Data Length Error(ID:13D)
U1304 Data Length Error(ID:14D)
U1305 Data Length Error(ID:152)
U1306 Data Length Error(ID:159)
U1307 Data Length Error(ID:16B)
U1308 Data Length Error(ID:16F)
U1309 Data Length Error(ID:1B1)
U1310 Data Length Error(ID:1B5)
U1311 Data Length Error(ID:1E1)
U1312 Data Length Error(ID:231)
U1313 Data Length Error(ID:232)
U1314 Data Length Error(ID:235)
U1315 Data Length Error(ID:239)
U1316 Data Length Error(ID:271)
U1317 Data Length Error(ID:2F1)
U1318 Data Length Error(ID:330)
U1319 Data Length Error(ID:331)
U1320 Data Length Error(ID:332)
U1321 Data Length Error(ID:333)
U1322 Data Length Error(ID:334)
U1323 Data Length Error(ID:335)
U1324 Data Length Error(ID:336)
U1325 Data Length Error(ID:337)
U1326 Data Length Error(ID:33D)
U1327 Data Length Error(ID:358)
U1328 Data Length Error(ID:423)
U1329 Data Length Error(ID:42F)
U1330 Data Length Error(ID:443)
U1331 Data Length Error(ID:445)
U1332 Data Length Error(ID:447)
U1333 Data Length Error(ID:570)
U1334 Data Length Error(ID:573)
U1335 Data Length Error(ID:584)
U1336 Data Length Error(ID:586)
U1337 Data Length Error(ID:587)
U1338 Data Length Error(ID:521)
U1339 Data Length Error(ID:100)
U1340 Data Length Error(ID:100)
U1341 Data Length Error(ID:300)
U1400 Data Error(ID:139)
U1401 Dynamic Range Error(ID:16B)
U1402 Dynamic Range Error(ID:16F)
U1403 Dynamic Range Error(ID:271)
U1404 Dynamic Range Error(ID:14D)
U1405 Dynamic Range Error(ID:14D/152)
U1406 Dynamic Range Error(ID:13D)
U1407 Dynamic Range Error(ID:231)
U1408 Dynamic Range Error(ID:235)
U1409 Dynamic Range Error(ID:235)
U1410 Dynamic Range Error(ID:235)
U1411 Dynamic Range Error(ID:235)
U1412 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E1)
U1413 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E1)
U1414 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E1)
U1415 Dynamic Range Error(ID:1B1)
U1416 Dynamic Range Error(ID:570)
U1417 Dynamic Range Error(ID:443)
U1418 Dynamic Range Error(ID:159)
U1419 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E4/E3)
U1420 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E4)
U1421 Dynamic Range Error(ID:E4/E3)
U1422 Dynamic Range Error(ID:2F1)
U1423 Dynamic Range Error(ID:570)
U1424 Dynamic Range Error(ID:570)
U1425 Dynamic Range Error(ID:570)
U1426 Dynamic Range Error(ID:573)
U1427 Dynamic Range Error(ID:573)
U1428 Dynamic Range Error(ID:423)
U1429 Dynamic Range Error(ID:423)
U1430 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1431 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1432 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1433 Data Error(ID:139)
U1434 Dynamic Range Error(ID:587)
U1435 Dynamic Range Error(ID:423)
U1436 Dynamic Range Error(ID:423)
U1437 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1438 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1439 Dynamic Range Error(ID:445)
U1440 Dynamic Range Error(ID:312)
U1441 Dynamic Range Error(ID:312)
U1442 Dynamic Range Error(ID:312)
U1443 Dynamic Range Error(ID:210)
U1504 Rain light LIN T.out/Not equip
U1507 LIN transmission error ETACS
U1532 LIN Rain autolight ECU
U1570 No bus activity error for LIN
U1600 MBUSY open
U1601 MBUSY short
U1602 MDATA open
U1603 MDATA short
U1604 MSCK open
U1605 MSCK short
U1606 M-BUS error
U1700 SWS communication line
U1701 Column SW SWS timeout
U1702 Front ECU SWS timeout
U1703 Sunroof CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1704 Dr.P/W SW SWS timeout/Not equip
U1705 Display SWS timeout/Not equipped
U1706 Corner SNS.SWS timeout/Not equip
U1707 Power gate SWS timeout/Not equip
U1708 ETACS SWS timeout
U1073 Bus-off
U1103 (Reserved)
U1107 (Reserved)
U1113 (Reserved)
U1114 (Reserved)
U1115 CGW CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1116 KOS CAN Timeout/Not equipped
U1118 4WD CAN timeout/Not equipped
U1123 (Reserved)
U1127 (Reserved)
U1133 (Reserved)
U1134 (Reserved)
U1135 (Reserved)
U1150 Fail Info.for vehicle speed
U1300 Data Length Error
U1302 Data Length Error
U1303 Data Length Error
U1304 Data Length Error
U1305 Data Length Error
U1306 Data Length Error
U1307 Data Length Error
U1308 Data Length Error
U1309 Data Length Error
U1310 Data Length Error
U1311 Data Length Error
U1312 Data Length Error
U1313 Data Length Error
U1314 Data Length Error
U1315 Data Length Error
U1316 Data Length Error
U1317 Data Length Error
U1318 Data Length Error
U1319 Data Length Error
U1320 Data Length Error
U1321 Data Length Error
U1322 Data Length Error
U1323 Data Length Error
U1324 Data Length Error
U1325 Data Length Error
U1326 Data Length Error
U1327 Data Length Error
U1328 Data Length Error
U1400 Dynamic range error
U1401 Dynamic range error
U1402 Dynamic range error
U1403 Dynamic range error
U1404 Dynamic range error
U1405 Dynamic range error
U1406 Dynamic range error
U1407 Dynamic range error
U1408 Dynamic range error
U1409 Dynamic range error
U1410 Dynamic range error
U1411 Dynamic range error
U1412 Dynamic range error
U1413 Dynamic range error
U1414 Dynamic range error
U1415 Dynamic range error
U1416 Dynamic range error
U1417 Dynamic range error
U1418 Dynamic range error
U1419 Dynamic range error
U1420 Dynamic range error
U1421 Dynamic range error
U1422 Dynamic range error
U1423 Dynamic range error
U1424 Dynamic range error
U1425 Dynamic range error
U1426 Dynamic range error
U1427 Dynamic range error
U1428 Dynamic range error
U1429 Dynamic range error
U1430 Dynamic range error
U1431 Dynamic range error
U1432 Dynamic range error
U1433 Dynamic range error
U1435 Dynamic range error
U1436 Dynamic range error
U1437 Dynamic range error
U1438 Dynamic range error
U1439 Dynamic range error
U1440 Dynamic range error
U1500 Column ECU LIN timeout/Not equip
U1501 Theft ALRM LIN timeout/Not equip
U1502 SW row LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1503 SeatHTR LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1504 Rain A.Light LIN T.out/Not equip
U1505 MFL LIN timeout/No equipped
U1506 Sunroof LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1508 P/W(DR) LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1509 P/W(AS) LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1510 P/W(RL) LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1511 P/W(RR) LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1512 P/W(RP) LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1513 RCM ECU LIN timeout/Not equipped
U1530 LIN Column ECU
U1533 LIN Sunroof ECU
U1538 LIN P/W(Rear Panel) ECU
U1550 Auto light sensor fail
U1551 Rain sensor fail
U1800 A/C ECU communication
U2F00 Can't transmit CAN message

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